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My Site provides guidance and support to local businesses in creating an accessibility statement to ensure that their websites are accessible to people with disabilities. It is important to note that each business is responsible for ensuring that their site's accessibility statement meets the requirements of local laws and regulations. For more information on this topic, feel free to explore our article on 'Web Accessibility: Ensuring Your Site is Inclusive'.


This guidance was last reviewed on [enter relevant date].
At My Site, we are committed to helping local businesses make their websites accessible to individuals with disabilities.

The Importance of Web Accessibility

Ensuring web accessibility allows individuals with disabilities to navigate and enjoy websites with the same level of ease as other visitors. This can be achieved through system capabilities and assistive technologies.

Accessibility Support at My Site

We provide tailored accessibility support in alignment with WCAG [2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2 - select relevant option] guidelines, ensuring a level of accessibility of [A / AA / AAA - select relevant option]. Our services include optimizing websites for assistive technologies, such as screen readers and keyboard navigation. Additionally, we have:

Disclosure of Partial Compliance with Standards for Third-Party Content [if applicable]

In cases where certain website pages contain third-party content, compliance with accessibility standards may be partial. These instances are limited to the following pages: [list the URLs of the affected pages].

Accessibility Initiatives for Local Businesses [if applicable]

We offer comprehensive accessibility initiatives for physical premises of local businesses, including detailed arrangements and facilities to ensure accessibility from entry points to service areas. This encompasses provisions for disabled services, accessibility aids, and more.

Connect with Us

For any accessibility-related concerns or further assistance, please reach out to our accessibility coordinator:

[Name of the accessibility coordinator]

[Telephone number of the accessibility coordinator]

[Email address of the accessibility coordinator]

[Include any additional contact details if available]

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